guidelines for our success working with women athletes

Coaching Women Cycling

Be supported as a person as well as a performer.

The things and people in your life are what makes you who you are and the athlete that you are; and want to become.  They aren't going anywhere and I want them to grow as well as your fitness and strength!


Coaching is to be a joint endeavor

We are in this together.  Neither one of us can make you faster by ourselves.  We are two ships sailing in the same direction.  (get it...joint endeavor --->)  But seriously, let's make sure you understand the "why" of the training as well as the "do it dammit" of the training.


Only positive communication

Yelling is not a thing.  I am no cheerleader by far and sure, positive communication in general is not my strongpoint.  But remember that "thoughts impact behavior".

The Jtrain

Recognize the salience of gender within the relationship

I am a boy, you are a girl; and that is the monkey in the room.  But I am the lucky boy already in that I have Julie in my life.  I will never ask you out, it is unethical, impolite and most importantly: bad for business.  Let's make you fast, first and foremost.