guidelines for our success working with women athletes

Coaching Women Cycling

Be supported as a person as well as a performer.

The things and people in your life are what makes you who you are and the athlete that you are; and want to become.  They aren't going anywhere and I want them to grow as well as your fitness and strength!


Coaching is to be a joint endeavor

We are in this together.  Neither one of us can make you faster by ourselves.  We are two ships sailing in the same direction.  (get it...joint endeavor --->)  But seriously, let's make sure you understand the "why" of the training as well as the "do it dammit" of the training.


Women Specific Technology

We use the intuitive FITR Woman App for interactive planning and recovery strategies specific for our female athletes.  The athlete uses a phone app with a premium edition including with her full time coaching plan.  


Real experience with real athletes where and when it matters

I have real proven experience with the best female athletes in the country in the most stressful and competitive environments.  I am not *all* talk, I've shown that I can truly help our women athletes.


Only positive communication

Yelling is not a thing.  I am no cheerleader by far and sure, positive communication in general is not my strongpoint.  But remember that "thoughts impact behavior".


Athletes first and only

We feel that the female athlete should be glorified based solely on her accomplishments on and off the field of competition.  Sexualizing female athletes for the sake of marketing is the lowest standard; one we will NOT reach.

The Jtrain

Recognize the salience of gender within the relationship

I am a boy, you are a girl; and that is the monkey in the room.  But I am the lucky boy already in that I have Julie in my life.  I will never ask you out, it is unethical, impolite and most importantly: bad for business.  Let's make you fast, first and foremost.