High Performance Coaching


It doesn't get easier...

Just like American Greg Lemond said, you only go faster.  However, you will need customized high end training and event specific preparation, or else its "OTB".  This level is open to Cat 1/2 men and women only please.


Elite training for elite riders

This program differs from standard training.  The trust and deep understanding of the process is unique at this level.  Whether it is monthly goal workouts or supplementing your current program with Performance, this is the plan for you.


Make It Stick

Get help with your own season planning or interact with your trade team to build your fitness and strengths when and where they are needed.   Monthly plans and one-time consultations are available.  Contact Coach Kyle to apply for limited spots at this level.

Travel and lodging not included; First service paid in full. Effective October 1, 2019 all athletes must be approved by Coach Kyle for this level.