Frequently Asked Questions


Got questions? We got answers.

Why do I need a coach?   Working  with a coach is a great way to establish your goals and work  in an  organized, structured way towards those goals.  Having an  qualified  person to objectively review your training is the best way to  reach  those goals.

I already have a coach, but have lots of additional questions.  What do I do?    
The relationship of trust between an athlete and their coach is very important and sacrosanct to us here at FFC.  However, if you want to   re-affirm your overall plan or ask a few questions, we can arrange a live online consulting meeting.  Additional fees apply.  We strongly feel that coached athletes are good for all coaches, and we do not want to interfere with you or your coach, but we want you to be happy.

I have never raced before, can you help me?  Absolutely.  I can show you how to get a cycling license and all the things you need to know for your first event.

I am not a racer, why do I need a coach?   If you are looking to  use cycling for fitness or maybe complete a  charity ride or event, then  we can help you be as prepared as possible  for that event.  It is a lot  more fun if you are not miserable.

I am an elite rider or want to be an elite rider, can you help me?    Oh yeah.  We have a special high level brand of coaching and data  management for elite riders that is unique in the industry.  Don't  settle for second rate coaching if you want to be a first rate racer.

What is Training Peaks?   Training Peaks is an independent web  based training and coaching  software that is an integral part of working  together.  It is a great  way to communicate workouts and feedback and  all costs are covered by  FFC.

I watch those awesome videos, why do I need a coach?   Those short workout videos are a great way to stay motivated during  those cold  winter days in the basement, but a coach can give you a big picture training plan to make sure you are doing the right workouts at  the right  time.  Besides, we have some awesome custom written workouts  for you!

What if I have questions?   Some plans have higher rates of  contact then others.  However, when a  client-athlete starts up, we want  to hear from you often to make sure  everything is moving smoothly.

Can you help my team?   Coach Kyle is an experienced UCI team  director and manager.  Contact  him directly about working with him for  the year or for a particular  event.

How and when do I pay?  All fees for coaching plans are paid with an automatic payment at the start of every cycle.  We use a secure subscription service through PayPal and must be in place before coaching starts. 

Do I have to use a Power Meter?   All of our coaching packages require a downloadable heart rate monitor and our higher service packages require a power meter.  So, yes.

What about social media?   Most of our social media is on Instagram nowadays!  We avoid (and despise) the negativity of other platforms; remember that words have meaning!  Check us on the Insta at @coachkyleffc.  Be sure to follow  us now!  We also have an amazing blog and an awkward YouTube channel! 

I am famous, can I be coached for free?  You get what you pay for, so nope.  Everyone is happier and more professional and the results are better.  Trust me on this one.