Racing clean and anti doping


Global DRO

Most positive tests results come from the use of prescription medication that contains a prohibited substance.  Double check your meds using this handy web resource.


Supplement 411

There is no regulation to the vitamin and gym supplement industry, so you have to be careful what you eat and drink.  Who knows what is in there?  Well this resource has a pretty good idea.


Therapeutic Use Exemption

Sometimes you are legitimately sick and need some prohibited medications to keep you healthy.  Sport means completing on a level plain, but sometimes we all need an exemption.  FFC has consulted on dozens of TUEs, contact us to get started.


Team and Group Consulting and Speaking

Coach Kyle is an expert in explaining the rules and methods of racing clean to groups, clubs and teams.  Contact us to find out how he can speak to you or your group!  Great for the off season!


Report Doping

If you see something, say something.  Stand up for your right to compete against clean riders and racers.  Reach out to Play Clean with any information or issues you may have.