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No matter what your cycling goals: whether they are racing on the  professional level or crushing your local gravel race, you deserve to ride and compete at the highest possible level at all times.  This requires working with a coach like Kyle Wolfe who is invested in your performance and in seeing you reach those levels. 


Highest Training Science

Coach Kyle and Finish Fast Cycling utilize state of the art training techniques, data review, technology and coaching standards to help you reach your goals 


The Better Half

We specialize in working with women cyclists and know how to tailor the planning and training process to help the better half of the peloton succeed in racing.  Find out what makes us different from the other guys.   

Masters Racers

You love racing and training, but you have a job and a lawn. Unlike some grad school kid, we understand what is needed to perform, because we understand. Crush those punks by being smarter and better.

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Cyclists and endurance athletes from across the country and around the world have gained  from our coaching.  Contact us now to get started towards your  performance. 

Finish Fast Cycling

International HQ located in Southern Vermont, USA with athletes from Ogden to Oudenaarde and everywhere in between!

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